Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This year, we purposely went to Bacolod one day earlier than everyone else. We wanted to explore the city. Six years of going to the city and we knew there were treasures we have yet to discover. Here's one of them:
The Ruins, Talisay

Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, a sugar baron, had this mansion built after his wife Maria Braga died while pregnant with their 11th child. 
The mansion was deliberately burned down by the Filipino guerrillas to prevent the Japanese army from making it into a fortress.

The best time for a visit should be towards late afternoon. Dusk paints an even more dramatic picture of the ruins...

Summer began as soon as the kids got off from school. It's that year once again, when we take a road trip to Bacolod. My has 2 years made a great difference! The trip actually became shorter as the roads had been fixed. Now 4 lanes instead of the old 2. The trees are in bloom too!!! Glorious glorious trees!!!

So what's the first stop when in Bacolod?
Calea, of course!!!

Next stop, The Negros Showroom. We get all our pasalubongs here. And some for our own household.

The visit wouldn't be complete if we don't get to eat at Bob's. Our all-time fave in the city...

At Virgie's...

See how majestic the trees are! No filter used!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You may have noticed on the previous entry my husband was not at our kid's graduation. Here's why. He was on a very important business trip. Business took 3 weeks in Europe. Let me share with you his photos...

In the south of Rome...

Amalfi Coast

Owners of the luxury restaurant Il Principe

Three weeks and he started to look Italian... hehehe


Water at 6 euro, wine 4 euro. So water takes center stage

Yes last leg of the trip was Rome. Another entry...